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CCB Ltd. Publishing house

CCB is the oldest privately owned publishing house in the Czech Republic with an excellent position on markets where it is active. CCB publishing projects are mostly operated in both the Czech and Slovak.

logo-nadpis History

1991 - CCB was founded.
1991 - First issue of CAD magazine published.
1992 - DTP studio created.
1993 - Own printing house built, offset printing machines.
1993 - First issue of Technika a trh magazine published.
1993 - First issue of GOLF magazine published.
1993 - First issue of Brno Business magazine published.
1993 - Number of employees reached 30.
1994 - First issue of OFFICE magazine published.
1995 - Full renewal of printing machinery.
1996 - Web publishing started.
1998 - Number of employees reached 50.
1999 - First issue of SYSTEM magazine published.
1999 - An electronic weekly information bulletin for GolfNews is published.
1999 - Electronic weekly information bulletins for all CCB magazines.
2000 - New printing machine.
2001 - ELC, new project in e-learning.
2002 - Issued 12th volume of the magazine IT CAD, 10th volume of the magazine Golf, 10th volume of the magazine Technika a trh, 4th volume of the magazine IS SYSTEM and 10th volume of the magazine Brno Business. The IT OFFICE is a monthly again.
2003 - Is announced a 1st volume of inquiry Brno TOP 100 by the magazine Brno Business.
2003 - Webdesign and webdevelopment department webservis created.
2004 - Start of fortnightly e-magazine CADnews. Except of this one, the company CCB publishes other four electronical magazines - SystemNews, GolfNews, TechnikaNews and iBrno News.
2004 - First issue of the slovak magazine Golf.
2005 - We bought new offset machine and we duplicated capacity of printing office.
2005 - Thematic specials of IT Systems magazine published.
2005 - Duty catalog of golf merchandise - prefaced.
2005 - Our department of webservis with Zlin region started of cooperative on project Tourist information portal.
2005 - 3rd year Brno TOP 100 inquiry announced.
2006 - Magazine Brno Business publish every two month.
2006 - A new image of portal activated.
2006 - We bought CTP machine for printing boards production.
2006 - 4th year Brno TOP 100 inquiry announced.
2007 - Independent CTP department founded.
2007 - 5th year Brno TOP 100 inquiry announced.
2008 - 6th year Brno TOP 100 inquiry announced.
2008 - First issue of Listy jižní Moravy published.
2009 - We have extended our printing house by buying brand new stitching unit.
2009 - 7th year Brno TOP 100 inquiry announced.
2010 - 8th year Brno TOP 100 inquiry announced.
2010 - Organization of international conference World of Information systems 2010.
2011 - 9th year Brno TOP 100 inquiry announced.
2012 - Brno Business magazine rebrands as Brno Business & Style in accord with its content extension. Alongside, Brno Business & Style gets a new logo where the name Brno becomes dominant due to magazine's primary focus on development of Brno.
2012 - 10th year Brno TOP 100 inquiry announced.
2013 - Brno Business & Style magazine becames a mothly.
2013 - CCB Publishing House is expanding its portfolio of Internet titles,
2013 - 11th year Brno TOP 100 inquiry announced.
2014 - Started cooperation on printed magazine Šalina and on the related web site
2014 - Our portfolio of internet titles expanded about
2014 - 12th year Brno TOP 100 inquiry announced.
2015 - 13th year Brno TOP 100 inquiry announced.
2016 - 14th year Brno TOP 100 inquiry announced.
2017 - Golf magazine organized the 4th annual golf tournaments
Dream Tour & Open Golf Series.
2017 - Ten of employees together bought the CCB company
from Ing. Tomáš Večeřa.

logo-nadpis Address and contacts

CCB, spol. s r. o.: Okružní 19, 638 00 Brno, Czech Republic
ICO: 18825435
VAT identification number: CZ18825435
Tel.: +420 545 222 459
GSM: +420 604 210 050
Email: (more details at page Contacts)

logo-nadpis  Departments

ITB - IT Business magazines (IT Systems, CAD, specials)

Golf - Golf magazine, birdie cards, score cards for golf courses in CZ, Official Golf,Yearbook, News, Czech golf portal web

Technika a trh - industrial magazine Technika a trh, News,
TT News 

Brno Business & Style - magazine Brno Business & Style, mailing ezine iBrno NEWS (Brno Business Newspaper), Brno portal web site

ELC - electronic learning center

GRS - DTP Studio, app. 30% external customers 

TIS - printing house, app. 50% external customers 

WS - webdesign and webdevelopment department 

CTP - CTP Computer-to-Plate center. 

ADM - administrative, taxes, accounting, mailing, etc.


CCB is a two level management company and is divided into departments with their own business plans and day to day management. Managers of departments have a wide range of responsibilities in creation and management of projects. The publishing house has three directors, chief financial officer, production director, and marketing director, who are currently managing directors and co-owners of the company.


Number of employees altogether: 57
Internal staffs: 45
Number of employees in daughter companies: 7

Legal structure and ownership

CCB Publishing House is a limited liability company with its own capital
of CZK 1 000 000. The company's ten-member shareholders are, at the same time, in most cases managers of centers or projects at CCB.

Executives: Ing. Lukáš Grásgruber
Executives: Ing. Radim Kheil
Executives: Ing. Aleš Vítek

Basic financial parameters

Assets: App. 13-18 mil machinery
App. 17 mil properties
App. 10 mil office computers, printers, furniture
Intellectual property: 10-30 mil Kc
Bank loans: 0 Kc
The company has positive economic results, tax profit is optimized in relationship with owner structure.
Bank account (IBAN): CZ6901000000007222090277 (Komerční banka, Brno)

Daughter companies

CCB has two daughter companies:
MediaMax spol. s r. o.- a media agency selling advertisement in the industrial field
UniGOLF spol. s r. o. - a media and publishing agency in GOLF

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